Baptist High School Mankon-Bamenda: A Reformation Song

Baptist High School Mankon-Bamenda: A Reformation Song

As a contribution to the school 500 Reformation, BHS Mankon-Bamenda from Cameroon presents a song.
In this song we intend to raise awareness on the socio-political and Economic challenges of the world. It is our fervent wish that we boldly rise up and speak out as the father of the Reformation Martin Luther did in order to make the world a better place for everyone. No one is to small to make a positive change whereever you find yourself. Life is about “Choice and Change”.

The song can be found on YouTube under the following link:


The more, Ngenge Julius wrote an article about the impact of Reformation today. The text can be found for download here:

Global Re-Direction by the Reformation
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The project team thanks all students and teachers of BHS Mankon-Bamenda for the song and video and Ngenge Julius for the text.