500 years of the Protestant Reformation in Bern

500 years of the Protestant Reformation in Bern

The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of his 95 theses in 1517, an event that sparked the Protestant Reformation. In Bern the Reformation began some years later, in 1528, but the Jubile of 2017 reminds us of the importance of this European movement.


In recognization of this historic event, NMS Bern is offering a one-day educational experience for 5th-7th grade students. Activities include:

  • Visiting historical sites in Bern that were important to the Reformation (e.g. French Church, Munster, Townhall)
  • Watching actors reenact important events during the Reformation
  • Exploring paintings and writings from this period
  • Learning about the positive and the negative outcomes of this revolution (e.g. the accessibility of education; the persecution of anabaptists; the destruction of pious images)
  • Participating in a writing and printing workshop to understand the impact of these media during the time of the Reformation.

This educational experience will be taught from an ecumenical perspective, with consideration to the religious diversity among schools.





The project team thanks Mrs Geissbühler for sending the text and information.