Future use

From the very beginning of the plannings, it was clear: the pavilion of GPENreformation should be constructed in a way that allows a post-exhibition use at a different place. Everything else would be wasting. So right from the beginning the architects developed the pavillon elements with  this mandatory requirement in mind .

The decision was set: some Protestant School should have the honor and the opportunity to take over the pavilion’s elements to reuse them in their setting. Soon, there were several interested parties. For practical reasons but mainly as a sign of thankfulness for their support on site during the whole summer, the GPENreformation team chose to give it to the “Evangelische Gesamtschule Wittenberg”, the Protestant Secondary School of Wittenberg.

It was agreed that the school would take the responsibility to deconstruct and transport the pavilion to its new destination. With an impressive effort of volunteer work by parents, teachers and other supporters the team of the school succeeded to complete their mission in the very short time period available for deconstruction (photos below). Soon, the pavilion can be revisited in the schoolyard of the Protestant Secondary School of Wittenberg! What a joy!

Text presenting the Ev. Gesamtschule Wittenberg - German
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