The pavilion

The pavilion “talents’tent – Education worldwide” of GPENreformation was really a special one at the World Reformation Exhibition. The architects GPENreformation worked with developed a concept called “Baubotanik” in German which is combining Building and Botany. In this way, the pavilion was made out of mainly natural materials and from the beginning on built in a way that reuse after the Exhibition at a different place would be possible. This idea of sustainability was convincing!

In consequence, the pavilion was not a “simple” tent but – constructed on an uneven meadow with trees on it – a quite open space combining a kiosk and a café area with an exhibition cube and a stage.

Kiosk and Café: this is where waffels, coffee, water, bottles and bags were given to the visitors. Visitors could sit down and enjoy in the shadow.

Exhibition Cube: Here one could discover the network’s schools on a screen showing the world map of this website. Posters showed the competition “Protest for the future” and different other institutions in the field of education presented themselves via flyers or books.

Stage: Programmatic events filled the stage: from workshops to discussions, key notes or music presentations. During the times without specific program it transformed into the global classroom giving information about Protestant schools around the world.