Day 04: Fair Play Event

After a warm up by the Philippine Vox Dei Academy and the German Martin-Luther-Gymnasium Eisenach, the fourth day of the International Schools Camp was in the hands of “Bread for the World”. According to the motto “Fair Play”, the ISC-participants were asked to form groups of 6 people and to give names to these teams. As well, the rules of a fair soccer game were explained.

Finally, the tournament started and while two teams were playing against each other, the remaining students had the possibility to choose out of a large spectrum of activities: There was a climbing wall, a goal-shooting contest focusing the speed of the shoot, a dribbling parcours, workshops about fair play and many more activity offers.

During the award ceremony, the winning teams were honored. But not only the most successful teams were invited onto the stage: The most fairly team got a special mention and won the “Fair Play Award”.

The following party was a great success: The DJ ensured a great mood and everybody danced until sunset.