Day 02: Working together

After breakfast, the groups of Escola Familia Agricola de São João do Garrafão (Brazil) and Viktoriaschule Aachen in Germany invited us to hold morning prayer.

We stayed at the gym to give an overview of the program of the International Schools Camp and to form groups for some workshops to get to know each other. Under the headline of special topics like ‘El Origen. Where are your roots?’, ‘La religion. What do you believe in?’, ‘Familie. Whom do you love?’ and ‘La musique. What’s your sound?’, students as well as many of their teachers got acquainted and discussed about differences and similarities that are caused by our origin, our culture and the circumstances we live in.

The lunch time was followed by a second round of workshops, facing the ‘redesign’ of our accommodation. While some of the students transformed the gym ‘…from sports to prayers’, e.g. by building an altar, some others ‘…colored (y)our world’, respectively the ‘Kirchentagshocker’, others ‘…carried the cross together’, made decoration for the dining room (‘…a feast for the eyes!’), created an information wall for the entrance area (‘…what’s up?’) and furnished ‘…a room for me’, a relaxation room.

And the work was worthwhile: After not more than 1 ½ hours, the former school looked a lot more inviting and homely.

Actually, a common visit of the center of Wittenberg was planned for the afternoon, but a heavy weather crossed this plan. Instead, the groups used the newly gained free time to discover the area around the accommodation, to do some shopping or to relax a bit. Some students defied the weather and went to the city center anyway.

In the evening, everybody met again at the gym to watch a musical the Bodelschwingh-Gymnasium (Germany) and the PSST Bafut (Cameroon) had prepared before during their common week in Windeck-Herchen. Everybody was amazed by the the big talents of the students and their emotional and moving play about love, family and friendship. Besides the musical, the participants enjoyed a sketch performed by the group from Institut Majengo (DR Congo), a song and dance performed by the girls from Njase Secondary School (Zambia) as well as a traditional dance performed by the group from Vox Dei Academy (Philippines).