Germany: Thoughts and prayer to strengthen us at this time – THANK YOU – by Silja Nemetschek

It seems we have forgotten GOD. All we care about is vaccination. But there is so much more than this reality – heaven and hell. We have to share and spread the gospel, the good news.

GOD wants to share his realm with us. So much HE loves us. HE doesn’t want to be alone. HE created us. GOD gives us a chance to be eternally with him, though we have sinned: through JESUS.

GOD makes it so easy for us: We only have to believe in the truth, in his SON and in HIM. Being “new born” obedience is not a must, but an urge. Because we are GOD’s beloved children. And we want to give our best to HIM. 100 %. Always. Even in times of crisis.




You share your realm

With those who care


You share your glory

With those who commit


Your share your son

With those who believe


You adopt the ones

Who stand by the truth


You give meaning

To those who call you LORD


You offer anything

And we owe you everything


I happily dedicate my life to you, my LORD

And accept your kind eternal invitation


I want to walk in obedience to you, my KING

Pain and trouble cannot kill the flame of joy in me


Yes! I love you, too

What else to say but humbly “THANK YOU”


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Silja Nemetschek, 06/2021