USA, Washington state (province), Spokane: Report of Ambassador Brian Huseland

Primary Schoolteacher from Spokane, Washington state (province), USA

Hello friends and colleagues in Protestant schools around the world. Here in the Pacific Northwest, I teach Grade 5 at Northwest Christian Schools. Since the 2017 Conference in Wittenberg Germany, I have tried to encourage my fellow teachers to remember the global Christian school movement, and our common problems. I led an educational workshop in Canada in the autumn of 2017, “Resources for Celebrating 500 Years of the Reformation” for teaching ages 5-12. Since the advance of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, our school has implemented three stages of recovery. First, we finished the school year remotely on the Internet. We finished well but it was very difficult for families with many children.

Next, we carefully started the 2020-21 year in person and with masks. As you all know, that had challenges too. But I am thankful we were able to provide in-person teaching for the full year, September to June. We did not have hardly any community transmission, praise God.

Now we are preparing for a new school term to begin in September. American culture values personal freedom very highly, therefore many families do not want their children to wear masks again. Please pray for our school to have wisdom, and that all shall be protected. I am fasting and praying every Sunday evening for God to have mercy and end this pandemic. Perhaps you would like to join me in prayer.

One surprising effect of the pandemic is that many new parents in my state are enrolling children in our school. Many government schools in my state only started teaching high school in-person in March 2021. Also the government schools have been very secular, and families want a Christian alternative. So our school has hired many new teachers to teach new students. I will provide training to these teachers and show them how to achieve Biblical worldview integration in their instruction.

Brian Huseland

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