Germany: Thoughts and prayer to strengthen us at this time – With YOU – by Silja Nemetschek

In our daily life we have to integrate GOD. Always. Trust HIM. That gives us strength and power and even a cheerful attitude through tough times as Corona. There is much more than this life here on earth. We have to keep this in mind, every moment. We have to live as Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:7: “For we walk by faith, not by sight”.




Storm and thunders  pervade my life

As well as pain and loneliness at times

But I have YOU and YOU have me


That makes me strong though I am weak

It gives me power and happiness

For YOU are in me and I in YOU


Things may hurt and scars will stay

Yet I continue and am pleased with my strong faith

And I always want to be with YOU as YOU with me


I tried to live without YOU – in the dark –

Not knowing my life was empty, shallow, meaningless

Now I follow YOU as YOU already have followed me


Through all trouble and attacks

I walk as YOUR child with a bright future ahead

Because YOU love me and I love YOU


It’s YOU who give me peace, who give me joy, who give me all I need

My LORD, my KING: With YOU I am


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Silja Nemetschek, 06/2021