Learning Activity II and Theme Weeks: Working on Peace (Capacity to Act)

In order to accompany the students in their transnational cooperation and to promote their competence (“capacity to act”) as peacemakers and citizens in a digitalised society, one digital Learning Activity and three digital theme weeks took place in November and December 2021. Again, we worked with our digital Learning Platform GPENdialogue:

They were based on the following schedule and tasks:

SchoolCoPe_Further Procedure_October 2021
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In terms of content, the weeks dealt with the following topics:

November 01, 02 and 04, 2021
Learning Activity with Jens Palkowitsch-Kühl: Digital Tools

The aim of the unit was to teach the students to create their own virtual tour and – if not already done – to record the necessary multimedia content. Their teachers were to be empowered to accompany and guide the learners in a safe and needs-oriented way.

For this purpose, the students and teachers dealt with and applied them over three days. The programme comprised three modules:

  • (Introductory and in-depth) impulse on 360 photography, the software h5p as well as other relevant digital tools;
  • Visit to the selected peace/conflict site and taking 360 photos as well as other multimedia content (self-organised by the participating schools);
  • Editing the multimedia content in the h5p Hub and “Q&A”.

In order to take into account the different timetables and school commitments as well as the different knowledge levels of the participants, the schools were able to arrange and schedule the three modules according to need and time possibilities.

November 22 to November 26, 2021
Theme week with Bianca Kappelhoff: Digitalisation

In this theme week, we explored together what it actually means to live in times of the digital condition and which competencies we need to swim in the digital ocean. We looked into what this could mean for creating the virtual tours:

  • How can your virtual tours of the places of peace and conflict reflect the very essence of the experience on site?
  • What does the digital make possible, which isn’t on site?
  • Which kind of digital competencies can you develop by creating and/or playing your virtual tours?

November 29 to December 03, 2021 
Theme week with Uli Jäger: Peace Education

This theme week dealed with peace education. The focus is on the question: What do we mean by peace and how can we get involved for more peace – at school, in our city and worldwide? We shared our visions of peace and how we want to live together in the future. For this we got to know the project Peace Counts with interesting stories and inspiring photos – and had the chance to learn how people around the world are working for a more peaceful future.

December 06 to December 10, 2021 
Theme week with Gerdien Bertram-Troost and Siebren Miedema: Peace and Religion/Worldview

During the video conferences, we explored what religion/worldview has to do with peace. We shared positive and negative associations with the impact of religion(s) and worldview(s) in our own life, family and/or city/village.

A lot of people who are longing for peace in themselves, in there city and country and on a global scale, are inspired by the words of Jesus. On the basis of the so called Sermon on the Mount we reflected on the difference between ‘normal happiness’ and ‘real joy’.  We explored why the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ is such an inspirational text, even for nowadays world leaders like Barack Obama. We exchanged how we can be inspired by the Sermon on the Mount as well.


A more detailed Agenda, with an outlook to the months after the activity can be found here:

Learning Activity November 2021 - Agenda
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