Peaceful Wednesday


Part I: Introduction

09.00 Welcome (GPENreformation)

09.10 Mood poll (GPENreformation)


Part II: Peace Education A

09.30 The Sermon on the Mount (Students; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) // Introduction Peace Education (Teachers; Berghof Foundation)

10.15 What is peace? (Berghof Foundation)

11.15 Fake or fact? (Berghof Foundation)

12.00 Lunch Break

12.45 Findings from the work on the Sermon on the Mount (Students; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)


Part III: Peace Education B and next steps

13.30 Presentation of the selected peace and/or conflict places (GPENreformation)

14.00 Establishment of international working groups (Students; GPENreformation) //Living peacefully religiously together (Teachers; Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

15.15 Presentation of the work plans of the student groups (GPENreformation)


Part IV: Closing

15.30 Feedback (GPENreformation), overall the participants rated the Acitivity as follows:

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