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Vox Dei Academy

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Vox Dei Academy (VDA) is a private school and a partner institution of Lutheran Church in the Philippines. It is located at about 50Km south of Manila. It caters students from Kindergarten to Grade 12, ages 4 to 18.

VDA believes that education is one of God’s gift to mankind that should carefully harness and utilize with thanksgiving and praises to the Almighty and in the service of fellowman.

Existing cooperations

Vox Dei Academy (VDA) is a member of Asia Lutheran Education Association. It is an organization of Lutheran schools and educators around Asia.

Through this organization, VDA was able to introduce Service Learning to its students, where they are engaged to meaningful activities and understand the value of serving others, especially the needy.

Locally, VDA is also a member of Philippine Lutheran Education Association. Members of this organization meet annually for activities such workshops, sports events, curriculum development, among others.