Tom Laengner

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Almost my entire life I have been involved in education. What I heard again and again sounded like this: “We prepare our kids for the future”.  But there is a dilemma. Our future is almost unpredictable. We can’t hardly grasp it. If you think of it, children starting school this year will be retiring in 2069. However: Nobody has a clue, what the world will look like in five years’ time.
I agree with this thought of Sir Ken Robinson.

Considering this idea and the challenges I face in my country, I ask myself the question:

“What might be a helpful approach of the GPENreformation network in this complex situation?”

Personally I have been inspired by some ancient words.  written by Paul of Tarsus. He lived during the Roman Empire. His life was often threatened and an insecure He wrapped up his ideas saying:
“The three most important things to have are faith hope and love”.

Well, I buy that! And I want to continue to ask my students and myself: Do I just want to enjoy these things for myself?
Or – am I willing to bring love, hope and faith into my world?

I am deeply convinced that this guideline may help us to make a difference in our countries and help us to work for a better world.


I have been working as a teacher in an inclusive school in Germany since 1997.
A Masters Degree in Education empowers me to do so.
Meanwhile I have 20 years of experience when it comes to the education of children with learning disabilities or physical handicaps.
Beside that I hold a Masters degree in Religoius Education.
In addition to that I am a representative of the partnership work of the Matthias Claudius School in Bochum.
My name Tom Laengner. I‘m from Dortmund in Germany.