Thomas Giesa

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Who are you and what’s your job?

My name is Thomas Giesa. I am a trained teacher for the subjects German and music and have been the principal of a Protestant grammar school in Eisenach (Thuringia) for a long time. It is a very traditional school with an exciting history. Among others, our reformer Martin Luther and the great composer Johann Sebastian Bach were students here. Today, 400 students are taught in our school, the Martin Luther Gymnasium, from the 5th year of school until they take their final exams.

Tell us in 3 words what GPENreformation means for you!

GPENreformation means for me
LEARNING from each other, because our own view is often too much distorted by the small world in our heads. To ARGUE with each other about the best of ideas and possibilities to realize education in the sense of a Luther thought of today. FINDING each other by getting to know and understanding the other, where we are often still blocked by the differences between us.

What does it mean for the schools in your region to be part of GPENreformation?

his wonderful global network of like-minded people, of ideas, of courage and hope, of new beginnings and energy …
All this makes this global family of schools, students and teachers a precious asset of which we are perhaps not yet fully aware.
For our region, this means that we can make an offer that gives students a special home at school, that widens the view to the next person and gives them the chance to think “outside the box”.