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Technical Secondary School and Vocational Training Center Musebeya

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The TSS & VTC MUSEBEYA is one of the Technical schools run work force development (WDA) functioning within Rwanda. TSS & VTC MUSEBEYA has a purpose to develop the Technical Education life, rural development and the capacity building of RWANDA. The TSS & VTC MUSEBEYA is the School without money purpose, of volunteers, which is governmental. The TSS & VTC MUSEBEYA was founded by the parent’s contribution.
It is a boarding school owned by the AEBR. In sum, there are 215 students at the school from which are 176 boys and 39 girls. There are 11 teachers which are all men. The total number of administration staff is 5, from which are 3 men and 2 women.
TSS & VTC MUSEBEYA occupies in activities of TVET EDUCATION.

Existing cooperations

- cooperation of Rwanda Technical School With The Association In Sigel
- cooperation with TVESA because it is focused on Development of Technical schools