School and University

ST. PETER Secondary School

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The school was started in September 2002 by the Anglican Church of Rwanda (Cyangugu Diocese) and opened officially as a Technical school to help the disadvantaged. It is registered under the Ministry of education under Reg. no 0306054.

St. Peter Secondary has been in operation for eleven years (from 2002 to date). The school first operated as ordinary level secondary school up to 2009. After the educational reform policy in Rwanda in 2008, the school opted for vocational training and it started training in construction in 2010 registered with WDA to award of advanced professional certificate (Senior six) and the pioneers graduated in 2012.

Existing cooperations

The school works under Wokforce Development Authority (WDA), a government organ that oversees technical and vocational secondary schools in the country. Half of the students are genocide survivors and are sponsored by the Government under FARG.