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SAINT MATTHEW’S ECD, Primary and College School

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St. Matthew’s nursery was established in 1998 and in the year 2000, the Primary school was built to provide anglophone education for orphans of the genocide living around Mount Cyangugu Area. As the school became established, many local parents wanted their children to benefit from the education. St. Matthew’s offers anglophone education at three nursery levels and at Primary one to primary six.
We have students who are sponsored each year (100 students sponsored).

Nursery: 130 (72 boys, 58 girls)
Primary: 396 (193 boys, 203 girls)

In 2010, our secondary school was established. Its enrollment is 152 (72 boys, 80 girls).

Our vision is to expand the high quality anglophone education with a strong christian ethos provided at St. Matthew’s to include education at lower secondary as laid down by the government syllabi.

The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge .

Advocate enough pedagogical support learners to improve quality eduaction.

Existing cooperations

Farming, we have two cows and 15 Rabbits.