Rev. Dr. Gerson Mgaya

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I am Gerson Mgaya (43), a pastor from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. I belong to the ELCT–Southern Diocese that is located in the southern part of Tanzania. I was ordained a pastor in 2003. In July 2015, I moved to Finland where I am working with the Finnish Lutheran Mission as a regional director.   My region of work is called Pohjois-Karjala, in English, North Carelia. My main work is to preach and teach the Word of God. We organize some happening in collaboration with congregations. My area has 19 congregations. So we go around these congregations. Next year, I am planning to move back to Tanzania.

GPENreformation for me means a lot. But because I am limited to tell what it means only in three words, I would say it is a forum for sharing, learning together and communicating forward our faith. We share from different parts of the world. We learn from each other, and after that we make strategies of taking forward what we have shared and learned.

GPENreformation will have big impact to the schools in my region. They will have to learn from other schools that are in this forum. Teachers can share their experience with other teachers and see where they can improve. They can also have friends with whom they can discuss issues that are related to their fields. Should students have forums, this also will be a great advantage because they will see what other students elsewhere are doing. But in the same way, our schools also will have an opportunity to share their potentials to others.