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Queensland University

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Boldly informed and motivated by the Christian faith, Queensland University (UQ) educates and energizes men and women for excellence in Leadership, Scholarship, and service. We prepare graduates to serve in strategic capacities to renew minds, live out biblical truth, transform culture, and advance the Gospel in Haiti and in the world.

Queensland University (UQ) is a private coeducational institution, whose principal focus is undergraduate education in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, combined with a number of pre-professional fields and master degree programs. Its primary mission is to integrate Christian faith and practice with academic excellence. The mission is carried out not only in the classroom but also by involvement in numerous services to the church and the larger community.


Institutional Vision

Queensland University (UQ) seeks to be a nationally recognized, premier Christian University. As such, Queensland will be characterized by:

  • An unwavering commitment to the mission of the University
  • Academic excellence generated by a caring, scholarly faculty who equip students for lifelong learning .
  • A reputation for high quality personnel and programs in Haiti.
  • A vibrant, well-rounded campus life in the future that complements the academic program, contributes to the mission of the University, and the total development of the individual.
  • A geographically and ethnically diverse student body.
  • A strong, loyal and successful alumni base.
  • An atmosphere that promotes the spiritual growth of each individual. This growth will occur through the faithful teaching of the word of God, a faith informed learning approach to all academic disciplines, and an environment that encourage service to others.
  • As a University, Queensland is positioned to carry out this vision as never before. To Christians in Haiti and in the world who seek the finest preparation for work and witness, the name Queensland University with initial (UQ) conveys our broad scope of faith based undergraduates, Bacheloras and Masters programs. In addition, an efficient governance structure improves our ability to serve specialized students such as working adults and executive leaders. Rapid growth is both behind and ahead of Queensland University. Even so, our long standing values remain at work in every class, chapel service, and campus experience, calling up and shaping the God-given potential of each student.

Existing cooperations

The Queensland University (UQ) is founder of:
Haitian Association of Christian Schools of Higher Education (HACUAS) and
Association of Theological Institutions of Haiti (ATIH)

The Queensland University (UQ) is a member of:
International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE), IA, United States of America,
Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), Washington , DC, United States of America,
International Council for Higher Education (ICHE) Switzerland and India,
Association of Experiential Education (AEE), Colorado, United States of America,
International Council for Innovation of the Higher Education (ICIE), Toronto, Canada,
Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF), MA, United States of America
Talloires Network, United States of America

The University has also established academic and research links with several Universities and Research Institutions worldwide. Queensland University (UQ) is the First Christian University in Haiti.