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Mwangaza Education For Partnership

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Mwangaza, a grassroots, faith-based organization, engages participants in leadership development from all twenty dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania and companion synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Since 1996, Mwangaza has provided learning opportunities for secondary school teachers and students, women leaders and congregational teams in programs addressing these requested topics:
• English language skills for teachers and students
• Learner Centered Lessons
.Safe School Initiative
• Computer literacy
• Conflict resolution
• Women’s health
• Decision-making
• Water and health
• Advocacy for girls’ education
• Advocacy for women’s health lifestyles
• Advocacy for women’s rights
.Advocacy for Gender Equity

In 1996, 5 dioceses/synods of the ELCT/ELCA were partnered through Mwangaza. By 1999, all twenty dioceses requested inclusion. Since then, Mwangaza offers training to representatives from all regions of Tanzania.

Our Mission
To create critically conscious communities where learning together improves lives

Mwangaza is a faith-based organization and our faith drives everything that we do. Mwangaza is deeply embedded in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, which works closely with its companion synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. We are “walking together in the light of God”.