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Manow Lutheran Junior Seminary

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Manow Lutheran Junior Seminary is the most promising Secondary School in Tanzania owned by E.L.C.T-Konde Diocese. The school was established in January 1993 by inheriting the buildings which previously were used by Konde Diocese as its Headquarter. This establishment of the school was done one year after shifting the Diocese Headquarter to Tukuyu.
The initial enrolment for Ordinary Level Secondary School was 42 in 1993 while Advanced Level students was 44 in 1997. Thereafter, the enrolment rate of students has been increasing year after year.
Publicizing the Seminary all over the Country and beyond by means of communication media and employing a well-trained and qualified teaching staff has facilitated such significant increase in the number of students.
The vision of Manow Seminary in a long run is to be the Center of Academic Excellence by producing high quality Secondary School Graduates who can face the challenges of the new world (the globalized world) to increase the productivity of the society.
To provide high quality education through improving teaching and learning environment.
“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Prov. 1:7).
The school academic performance is promising this is because the school and its stakeholders are utilizing every opportunities towards academic excellence as per vision.
As stated in the school motto, the school spiritual lives are under the Chaplain. Two devotions are conducted daily, with two Spiritual Open Air Meetings per year.