Organisation of Protestant schools and churches

Lutheran Education Australia (LEA)

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The Lutheran Church of Australia has a rich history in education. Since the first Lutheran school opened in 1839 Lutheran schools have grown considerably. There has been particular growth in the last quarter of the twentieth century from 3,592 students in 1967 to 40,291 in 2018.

The growth in Lutheran schools has been very much part of the growth of the non-government sector and reflects the church’s commitment to serving both its people and the Australian community. Around one quarter of the enrolments are Lutheran.

Lutheran schools by numbers a short video

Lutheran schools and ECSs- statistics at a glance
80 Lutheran schools

• 39 primary schools
• 6 secondary schools
• 35 combined primary/secondary schools

59 kindergartens and early childhood services

Schools by state

• South Australia 30
• Queensland 26
• Victoria/Tasmania 16
• New South Wales 4
• Northern Territory 3
• Western Australia 1


• Schools 40,291 (as at Aug 2018)
• Early childhood centres 4,000 (approx)

Enrolments by state

• South Australia 12,474
• Queensland 18,104
• Victoria/Tasmania 6,006
• New South Wales 885
• Northern Territory 1,830
• Western Australia 985