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Lutengano TheologicalCollege

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Lutengano Theological College begun in 1984 for the purpose of training and preparing church servants. The program started to fulfil the mission work of the church and to cover the gape of the shortage of pastors and evangelists. The shortage is happening because of the expansion of the Church, retirements of staffs and occurences of death, for servants at work. The College is under affliation with Teofilo Kisanji University.
The College is under the Moravian Church in Tanzania Southern Province. The College is found in Tukuyu, Rungwe District. From Tukuyu Town is about 11 Killometers to Lutengano village where the college is located.
The Climatic condition of the area is rainfall around the year. The area’s economy is mainly agriculture with avery loy employment in Government and private sectors. Women rate engagement to agriculture is higher compared to men. Lack enouph the price of agricultural products is very low to help people acsess their needs hence leading to poor life of the people.
To the development and focus of the schools at our place, has primary school and secondary scholls which are compulsory and freely accessed. Though the enrolment in those schools is increasing but still most of the people are standard seven leavers and very rare people accsess tertiary education. On the other side the number of women who have accseed education from primary to tertiary level is very low due to existance of patriarchal system. The Church and the Government is working to end the patriarchal systerm so that men and women could accses education equally.
Most people in our place are living poor life because most of them depend on agriculture by using local instruments that leads to poor and low quality products hence low income. In job market most men hold higher positions compared to women. Most of women engage in income generating activities such as agriculture, small business and keeping flocks compared to men though men have the final authority on how to use the income at the family level.
Lutengano Theological College consider very much gender balance by involving both men and women in college activities. The general objective is to spearhead/lead church strengthening through individual holistic transformation and mainstream HIV/AIDS activities in the Theological set up.

Rev. Anyingisye A.Mshani-Vice Principal.

On behalf of the Principal-B.Mbukwa.