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Kidugala Lutheran Seminary Secondary School

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Kidugala is a Lutheran School owned by the ELCT–Southern Diocese. It is a co-education school from A-level to A-level.

The school was established early in 1967 as girls’ middle school by the ELCT Southern Diocese under the leadership of the late Bishop Dr. Judah Matata Kiwovele. In 1982, the school was transformed into a co-education school in order to meet the demands the diocese faced by then. Since then, Kidugala has excelled nationally.

Our mission is to liberate people in three dimensions: spiritual well-being, mental well-being and physical well-being. Following this mission, we are aiming our vision to prepare church servants worldwide.

Our school is unique because of the following reasons:

  • The results (output ) of education given is reflecting in the community even after boarding life through mental adjustment in different life skills (The education given to learners meets life patterns of a society; in other words: The school is competent producing fit experts with good morals)
  • The geographical location of the school is friendly and affordable for learning and assisting learning (The school environment is free from environmental health problems, reliable climate, free from civil crimes, and it has reliable public relationship)
  • The school is having regular innovation of teaching and learning infrastructures and facilities in relation to technological transformation
  • The school culture is independent in which its interpretation is life with good moral and self determination (The fear of the Lord)
  • We begin by morning devotion in the chapel and end our day by devotion also; Prayer is our life here