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Instituto Sinodal Imigrante

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IMI: 116 years of history and commitment to education in Vera Cruz
In October 1898, then a small village called Vila Teresa, begins the story of the Instituto Sinodal Imigrante (Synodal Immigrant Institute), which today is a reference in education in the county of Vera Cruz. In this year, the shepherd Wilhelm Kull from Germany founded in the parish house the Escola Particular Aula Evangélica (Evangelical Class Private School), which in 1907 is renamed “Deutsche Evangelische Schulgemeinde” (Society Lecture Evangelical School for the German Language) under the command of Pastor Paul Sudhaus.

In 1929, with the support of Pastor Siegfried Heine and effective performance of Rudolf Wazlawick, is founded the Escola Particular de Ensino Fundamental Aula Evangélica (Evangelical Class Private School for Primary Education) which started to operate in Heinrich Theodor Wiebrecht’s home business due to an increased number of students, where he remained until 1931.

Some years later, the institution increases significantly and in 1994, it finalized the implementation of Basic Education which began in 1991 and in 2008 the high school. In the same year, the school once again innovates, changing its name to Instituto Sinodal Imigrante (Synodal Immigrant Institute), IMI, name that the school community helped to select.

It also stands out, the year 2001, when the school starts to be a philanthropy institution having as a maintainer ISAEC – (Instituição Sinodal de Assistência, Educação e Cultura) Institution Synodal Assistance, Education and Culture, which aims to congregate, maintain, promote, coordinate and develop activities social assistance, charitable, educational, environmental and cultural.
Throughout the history of fights and conquests of the education, the school has never failed its duty to promote the integral formation of critical, participatory and responsible individuals, considering aspects to this affective, social and cultural. Within this commitment, we highlight activities like Gincana, Integration Games, the Mother’s Tea, and the Art Movement, Mostra Knowledge, Science Olympiad, the Lights’ Night, IMI on the Road, among other events outside and inside school (such as travel and field trips) as well as the creation of the APPA (Association of Parents, Teachers and Friends) and newspaper Fala IMI, always aiming to improve the performance of educational effort aimed at educating.

The school also stands out the diversity of knowledge offered to students through curricular and extracurricular activities, such as language classes (Spanish and English), Reading Hour, Contemporary Dance Groups, Sports, Choir, Drama, Guitar, Flute, Instrumental and Circus Arts. Its quality of teaching and its commitment to the full development of students are recognized and appointed as a model in Vera Cruz.
Is worth remembering that in the coordination of the education is the principal Tania Cruz Marli Eichwald, who took over the school in 1998, being responsible for significant achievements, such as the expansion of the physical space of the school, the increase in enrollment, the implantation of High School and Integral Turn and the inclusion of the arts in the curriculum.

Currently, the Synodal Immigrant Institute has 500 students. There are 500 families who believe in the philosophical and pedagogical principles of the education. These inspire a learning that instigates creativity, values freedom of expression, sensitivity, natural leadership and the natural and logical reasoning. So, the school completes this year of 2014, 116 years of commitment to the education of the people from Vera Cruz who trust in a human, supportive and participatory for the formation of conscious and able to transform the world in which they live education students. This story is the result of hard work, full of dedication, commitment, love and knowledge we still have many stories to tell …