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Ingo Mueller

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I am a teacher for Maths and a Social Scientist
I started my professional career working for 5 years from 1985 to 1989 at a remote church secondary school in Tanzania. I worked as a teacher for Maths and Physics and as advisor to the school administration. Most important of all, I was a learner in a different cultural context. I left with a deep respect for parents’ initiative and a new understanding of the role of the churches in education in Africa.
Returned back to Germany I worked as coordinator for the newly founded AT Verband, an association of consultants and small consultancy firms. In 1993, I returned to Tanzania to work as coordinator in the education department of the newly founded Christian Social Services Commission CSSC. We developed the Science Teaching Innovation Programme. Our special strengths was our participatory facilitation approach, and our openness to professional cooperation with all stakeholders in education including the Muslim schools. The time with CSSC – up to 2000 – was a unique opportunity to experiment with approaches to change the teaching style to become learner centered and it was a valuable experience with different international and national stakeholders in education development.
In 2004 I went to Namibia for EED (Services in Overseas) to take up a position under the Ministry of Education for the improvement of mathematics in schools. After completing my contract, I moved with my wife to Arusha where we now live. Work in Uganda, Sudan, South East Europe and inner Asia have further widened my horizon and exposed me to difficulties of conflict and post-soviet situations.
I continue my engagement for changing the culture of learning in schools.