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Het Willem van Oranje College

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The Willem van Oranje College is a Protestant Christian secondary school for grades 7-12 (second through sixth forms) and of varying levels academically, from lowest to highest: MAVO, HAVO, athenaeum, and gymnasium. The foundation of the school is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The name of our school comes from a man who was called Willem van Oranje. He inspired our school with all the things he did. Our school is a Protestant-Christian school. We want to teach the children about our religion. Respect for each other is really important. There are also children who aren’t Christian. So they have to respect the religion, and the religion has to respect them. The school is located in Waalwijk, a city with a population of 45,000. Students attending the school come from Waalwijk and the surrounding villages. The school has about 1600 students.

As a school we desire to show the following:
· To behave in a way which honors God
· To demonstrate tolerance and respect for each other
· To be responsible for and to show love for our neighbor
· To play a part in developing and living in a just society

Our motto is: “Together we learn, together we live, and we learn to live together.”

Existing cooperations

Our school got a project where each year six students and three teachers are going to India. They help the people to build a children home in Chennai. The students are also going to Chennai because they want the children to have a good time and to make sure that they got some extra attention.