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HANIKA Technical Secondary School (HANIKA T.S.S)

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Hanika Technical Secondary School is a technical school located at 800 m from Nyanza Road. It has been created in 1986 by Anglican Church of Rwanda/ SHYOGWE DIOCESE with general objective of providing an appropriate Skills in professional and technical knowledge throught the mission below:
1. To train a Rwandan citizen who is free from any form of discrimination , including discrimination based on gender, exclusion and favoritism;
2. Contribute to the promotion of peace and unity culture and insist on Rwandan and Universal moral values of justice, peace, torelence, respect of human right, gender equality, solidarity and democratic ideas as well;
3. To initiate to students the respect of others without regarding their differences, self help in studies and emphasis in helping poor students.
4. To develop the self confidence is student, patriotic spirit and the hard working and work model habit.
5. To provide a religious, moral, physical, intellectual and socio-cultural formation to the students.
6. To promote science and technology;

Existing cooperations

HANIKA T.S.S. cooperates with TALBOT HEATH School in England.