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GS Mugano

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G.S Mugano is a government aided school. EAR Kigeme is the responsible church. It is situated in the southern Province of Rwanda in Huye District. The school started in 1937 with the primary level only. In 2005, by the initiative of parents the Pre-primary level started. Since 2010 the school has the Ordinary Level.
Nowadays, the school has three levels: Pre-primary with 87 students taught by two teachers, Primary with 977 students taught by 18 teachers and Ordinary level with 233 students taught by 12 teachers. G.S MUGANO is a place where you and I, where all works hand in hand to make difference as our motto states: Ubumwe, uburere, ubumenyi no Gukunda igihugu. In 2015 the school will have 200 students of Pre-Primary thought by four teachers, 1200 students of Primary level thought by 18 teachers and 500 students of Ordinary and Advanced level thought by seventeen teachers.

The general mission of education is to fight ignorance and illiteracy and to produce human resources that the country needs for its socio‐economic development. In 2015 GS MUGANO will be a school of reference in the sector able to receive all children around it. The primary Teachers’ as well as secondary teacher’s qualification rate will reach 100%. Learners’ success rate will be at least 70%.

The school objectives are:
• To enable young people to develop a spirit of creativity and self reliance
• To inculcate in your kids both Christian and moral /ethical values
• To be a model to the community around the school in all spheres of life
• To inculcate in the young the values and respect of others
• To develop in young pupils a love for sports and Rwandan culture
• To develop a spirit of patriotism