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1. Presentation of the geographical and environmental context at GS BUBAZI-IMANZI.

The Bubazi-Imanzi School is located in a rural environment of the Southern Province in Kamonyi District, Kayenzi Sector and Bugarama cell in the village of Remera. The school is located 11 km from the main Kigali-Muhanga road. on the southern edge of the Kayenzi sector and the KARAMA sector and is next to the EPR BUBAZI Parish of the REMERA Presbytery.

2. History of the school

The Bubazi-IMANZI School is a school founded in 1941 by the German Protestant Missionaries whose mission is to evangelize and alphabetize illiterate adults and young people. It was in 1947 that the Belgian Missionaries declared that Bubazi is a Primary school with the Mission of teaching children to read and write. Bubazi was founded at this time to provide only literacy starting with the first year. The promoter of the GS Bubazi-Imanzi school is the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda, which is why it is freely subsidized because it is up to the Rwandan Government to pay the salaries of the Primary and Secondary and even the Administrative staff in place, namely Headteacher, the dean of Studies and the Secretary-Accountant; not to exclude part of the running costs of the School (Captation Grant). It was in 2009 that GS Bubazi-Imanzi became a secondary school with ‘Day school. It has four systems: preschool, primary, common core and three Sections in order to allow all children to complete their secondary studies according to the Government policy of 12 years of Free Education. G.S Bubazi -Imanzi opened three sections in order to allow all the children who have not had the chance to have a note allowing them to enter the Schools of Excellence. The levels chosen are as follows: the end of Primary and the Sections, namely:

a) Science (Mathematics, Computer-Economics).
b) Language (English, Kinyarwanda and Swahili),
c) Art (History, Economy and Geography).

3. Existing infrastructure within the school

The school has 21 classes with sustainable materials (fired bricks and glazed doors and windows), three of which are used for other services such as
The Library (library), Teachers’ room and a room known as ” SMART CLASS ” housing the ” POSITIVO BGH ” computers. Our school benefits from a continuous electronic network. The Primary school has 9 adobe brick premises which have been rehabilitated.
The school also includes the office of the administrative staff such as the Headteacher of the school, the Dean of studies as well as the accounting -secretary of the school; there are also 36 toilets including 18 for boys and 18 for girls.

School effective in 2022-2023

Nursery 118 students with 2 teachers
Primary 657 students with 16 teachers
Secondary 517 students with 20 teachers