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The school is located in Western Province, NYABIHU district, Kabatwa Sector, Myuga cell and Akimitoni Village where its name comes from.
The school is a Government aided school with Pre-primary level, Primary Level and Ordinary level. The total number of learners at school is 38 in Pre-primary, 1021 in Primary and 274 in Ordinary Level. The owner of school is AEBR (Association des Eglises Baptistes au Rwanda). The total number of teaching staff is 28, among them 7 are women others are men. The administative staff are 4, among them there are Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher in charge of studies, Deputy Headteacher in charge of Discpline and Accountant Secretary.
The school had opened its doors in 1979 as primary school, then in 2011 Ordinary level was added and finally in 2015 Pre-primary was added. The school is located near Virunga National Park that is home for many animals such as Mountain Gorilla etc.