Organisation of Protestant schools and churches

Fundación Federico Fliedner

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The Federico Fliedner Foundation (FFF) is a Protestant organisation with over 130 years of history, whose social aims are realised through education, training, spreading information and social work. It is a Spanish organisation with German roots.
Concerning the first one (education), FFF has two bilingual schools (English-Spanish, and German as a second foreign language):
– Juan de Valdés School: nursery (0-6 years old), Primary and Secondary education founded in 1963.
– El Porvenir School: Nursery (0-6 years old), Primary, Secondary and High School (16-18, before University), founded in 1897.

Existing cooperations

We carry out Exchange programs with different schools of Germany and England:
- Davenant Foundation School.
- Elizabeth Von Thadden Schule (Heidelberg, Germany)
- Theodor Fliedner Gymnasium (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Furthermore, we have a twinning Project with a school in Ethiopia (Wonji School):