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Evanjelická základná škola Zlatice Oravcovej

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If you explain something to me – I WILL FORGET,
if you show it to me – I WILL REMEMBER,
but if I do it myself – I WILL UNDERSTAND.

Let’s find a way where teachers would teach less and pupils understand more.
J.A. Komenský

The Zlatica Oravcová Evangelical Primary School in Rimavská Sobota is one of five pillars of evangelical schools in Slovakia.

It commenced its operation on 1st of September 2004. Its founding was a continuation of the activities of the evangelical education which had rich tradition in the past of the town. At the same time, it is the only primary faith school in the wide area so far.

Regular church services and daily moments of silence are the part of our school’s life. The school’s spiritual administrator is Viktória Lisáková who has been educating children in the spirit of Christian ideals so that they are able to accept gifts of faith, to learn of modesty, love and tolerance, so much needed in present days. With its number of pupils and its character, the school is more likely a type of the family school. Teachers have sufficient capacity for individual approach to pupils. The pupils work together on various project tasks and extracurricular activities. The evidence of this is a wide variety of After School Clubs. The school offers progress in educational results.

We put emphasis on the main subjects such as Slovak language and literature, mathematics, foreign languages – English and German. The pupils are encouraged to embrace regional history and arts. They take part in various competitions – mathematical, linguistic, natural science, chemistry, sports and arts.

In September 2010 it was named in honour of Zlatica Oravcová, an evangelical pastor and a distinguished poet.

The school’s founder is The Rimava Seniorate of The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Slovakia.

Existing cooperations

Our school has established twin collaboration with The Evangelical Primary School in Nyíregyháza in Hungary, partnership with The Evangelical Primary School in Neustadt in Germany and with The Faith Primary School in Třinec in the Czech Republic.