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Evanjelická spojená škola Liptovský Mikuláš

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ESŠ School Profile
„With God‘s blessing, teachers and students work should lead to the result, that those, who will leave this school, will be good, smart, active, happy, and responsible people.“
– Study plan: 8-year and 5-year bilingual study program, focused on extended English language study from the first year. Selected subjects are studied both in Slovak and English language.
– 4- year study program focusing on economics and foreign languages
– education level: elementary and high school education
– students finish the school with English leaving examination or state exam from English language (called “Maturita”)
– respecting the Christian character of the school, pupils and students with no difference in confession are accepted
– a school spiritual leader, a school psychologist and a specialized educationist available
– after school clubs and activities (such as ICT, drama club, arts, first aid, aerobics, science, Bible introduction, film, volleyball, football or singing)
– successful preparation and participation in various types of competitions (sport, science, language, Bible competitions, etc.)
– School non-profit organization „SIRIUS“ organizing various cultural events: New Year balls, different school celebrations, shows, concerts and performances, Christmas parties, visiting museums and galleries, etc.
– discussions and seminars with many famous personalities (writers, artists, politicians, etc.)

Existing cooperations

Slezské gymnázium Opava, Evanjelická cirkev augsburského vyznania, Východný dištrikt, Liptovsko-oravský seniorát, mesto Liptovský Mikuláš, Múzeum Janka Kráľa