School and University


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EAV Kivumu is located in Western Province, in Ngororero District. The school organizes 2 technical combinations and ordinary level.
This school belongs to Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda. EAV Kivumu has 486 students and 13 teachers. The community of EAV Kivumu is committed to respect the legacy of the reformation.
Before 2009, EAV Kivumu used to teach Agronomy and veterinary. Breading cows and a having large land for agricultural production are the most source of income. EAV Kivumu is organizing also the combinations of electricity and construction. Short term courses (For 6 Months) are also given to the youth who have not been at secondary education and they are improving their life.
This school has been created in 1989 by Association of Baptist churches of Rwanda. EAV Kivumu has manifested its role in the region because about 60% of the staff of its three surrounding districts has attended this school.

Existing cooperations

EAV Kivumu cooperates with other schools of AEBR and the schools of its district. When giving the short term technical courses, EAV Kivumu cooperates with Rwanda Workforce Development Authority (WDA). WDA is a national structure organizing the technical vocational training.