Organisation of Protestant schools and churches

Driestar educatief

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Providing good education for children and young adults alike has always been our ambition. Education permeated with a biblical identity. Education that really touches them and gives them something of lasting value. For children and students in the Netherlands, but also for those around the world.

Driestar Educatief is a centre of knowledge for Christian education. In 1944, we started a small Reformed teacher training college. Since then, we have grown into a University of Professional education that specialises in the training of both primary and secondary teachers. In 2005, this institution merged with an educational support centre.

Driestar Educatief is an institution with three departments and has 275 staff members. Our ambition is to offer programmes that are up-to-date and in touch with teaching practice. All our programmes have been ranked between first and fifth on the national rating lists for teacher training programmes. Special educational needs is one of our areas of expertise. We are closely involved with several primary schools and nurture a close relationship with practitioners in the field, and because of this involvement we know what matters to teachers in their classrooms.