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Dr. A. Kuyperschool

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Our school is a Christian school, with the Word of God as our basic principle. Our lives and work are based on our faith in the Bible. Being ‘human’ in this world means living in relationships – our relationship with God and the people around us and our connection to nature and culture. At our school we try to contribute to the building and developing of those relationships. Schools are a part of the greater community, which is the reason why it’s so important how our small community lives and works. At school we share Bible stories and talk about the Bible, because it tells us about our origins and our destiny, and reveals God’s Word to us, humans. De Kuyperschool is a Christian school, and our belief influences our entire atmosphere. Christian teaching stands or falls with us ‘looking after one another’. The Christian part needs to be visible in the positive atmosphere and character of our school, and in the way we interact. From our Christian philosophy we are convinced every child is unique and valuable the way it is. We strive to teach our students mutual respect.
The above does not imply there is no room for people who hold different beliefs. We’re an open school where everyone is welcome. We do, however, ask that parents and students respect our values. Being a Christian school we celebrate holidays like Christmas, Easter, Ascension and Pentecost, and we expect everyone in our school to participate – though the celebrations are sometimes held in smaller groups. On Monday mornings clusters have a week opening, to promote a sense of ‘celebrating together’.