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Colégio Froebel

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church from its beginnings in education was one of its pillars, following the guidance of Martin Luther, who advised that there was a school next to each church.
The Evangelical Community of São Bento do Sul maintained along with a committee of parents, “Colombo School” since July 9, 1893, until the beginning of the second World War, when it was closed due to persecution by the authorities. After the war it returned to work just as kindergarten and, much later, as well as daycare.
Parents of students then Kindergarten Little Prince, maintained by the Social Centre of the Evangelical Community of São Bento do Sul, desirous that their children continue with the same methodology developed, created along with the board of the School of Social Centre elementary school.
On February 16, 1994 was inaugurated the Evangelical School Friederic Froebel. The school’s name was chosen in honor of the creator of kindergartens. Friederic Froebel was born in Germany in 1782 and died young. Since 1852 fought for freedom and, after several experiments, came to the conclusion that the highest destiny of man is connected to the education of young people.
In 1837, in Blankeburg created the first “Kindergarten” convinced that the key to the success or failure of full development of the human being is in the first years of life. Emphasized the development of the potential and joy in learning.
In January 2005 the Evangelical School Friederic Froebel going to be called “Colégio Froebel”, maintained by Friederic Froebel Foundation which is incorporated in the Lutheran community in São Bento do Sul – Center.