Christon St Ford

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Christon St Fort has been Executive Director of the Federation of Protestant Schools of Haiti (Fédération des Ecoles Protestantes d’Haïti – FEPH) since February 02, 2015 after spending eight (8) years as National Coordinator of the said institution. The latter, created on May 9, 1986, is a Christian organization which, through the supervision of 3,000 affiliated schools, aims at the development and protection of the childen through quality education. As part of his work, he has a strong interest in training teaching teams, building the capacity of school principals in leadership and school administration, disaster risk reduction in schools and child protection.

He holds a degree in Education Sciences and various certificates in Human Resources Management, Project Management, Risk Management and Disaster Reduction, Accountability, Advocacy, Child Protection, Psychosocial Support, Drug Abuse, etc. Married and father of a son, Christon St Fort is currently the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the International Protestant Education Network (RIEP) based in Paris (France) where he represents the Haitian Protestant school network.

As Ambassador of GPENreformation in Haiti, he aims to relay the network's actions in his country and encourage Haitian Protestant schools to join this initiative in order to make a significant contribution as members of the great Reformation family.

It is in this context that he lives his cosmovision of service. It is a commitment, both personal and professional, to serve God, his likeminded and the Community as a Christian educator.