Organisation of Protestant schools and churches

Christian School Education Research Center

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Christian School Education Research Center is an institution doing researches and education for Christian Schools in Korea. We want to build God’s kingdom in the realm of education.
1. Research on educational philosophy, curriculum, methods of teaching, administration and Christian schools policies.
2. Publish books and materials to help Christian school teachers, administrators, parents and students.
3. Develop better models to improve Korean schooling from Biblical worldview.
4. Motivate people to challenge and solve many problems in Korean schooling.
5. Make God-centered school education as a better alternative to Korean school education.

Existing cooperations

We are connected with a number of christian schools, churches and organization. For example, Christian School International (CSI), The Association of Christian School International (ACSI), Association of Christian School in Korean (ACSK), Korean Federation of Christian School (KFCS), Good Teachers, Educational Resources Dept. of the Presbyterian Church of Korean.