School and University


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Geographically, the Baptist school of Kinigi is located in Musanze district, Northern Province, Republic of Rwanda. This is near the mountainous and volcanic area of Virunga where mountain gorillas are living and we can find intense activities of tourism, in the Northern Province of Rwanda.
Economically, the population mainly depends on agriculture; the region is the main supplier of Irish potatoes and vegetables. The touristic activities is also occupying most of young population because of the mountain gorillas which attract tourists.

Existing cooperations

Association of Baptist churches of Rwanda strengthens this school because it is one of the schools which are in the tourism domain. This is an opportunity to help many local people (Baptist Christian or not) who are working in tourism without skills. This is an AEBR private school having the local potentials that could attract many students.
This school gets also a help from Canadian Baptist Mission in order to develop infrastructures relating to its domain of instructions.