School and University

Budapest-Fasori Evangélikus Gimnázium

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Our school belongs to the Lutheran Church in Hungary. It is a 110 year old school being closed for almost 40 years during the age of communism. We are proud of our rich history including the fact that some of our former students even recieved Noble Prize and there are many other famous people among our alumni. At the same time we are concentrating on the future and trying to educate our pupils in a modern way, preserving our rich tradition. We are also very keen on cooperating with other schools on the international level. This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of reopening our school as the first Lutheran school after the political changes. We are happily joining the worldwide family of Protestant schools facing the 500th Jubilee of Martin Luther’s Reformation.

Existing cooperations

We've had a flourishing partnership with Wilhelm Löhe Schule in Nürnberg, Germany for 25 years.
We are in contact with 7 different schools in Europe through a Comenius project on sustainability, financed by the European Union.