Brian Huseland

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Who are you and what is your job?

My name is Brian Anthony Huseland, and I am the Biblical Worldview Integration Coach and Year 5 lead teacher for Northwest Christian Schools.


Tell us in 3 words what GPENreformation means for you!

GPEN means to me that… a) there is a global need for education based on Christianity; b) educators need both faith in Christ and a well-developed pedagogy to instruct and inspire children; and c) schools with a Protestant identity should overcome isolation, competition, and cultural barriers to create a network of interdependent communities of learning.


What does it mean for the schools in your region to be part of GPENreformation?

Schools in my region are often very independent from each other, and usually begin from local “grass roots” efforts of parents or churches. However, many of them belong to existing Protestant school networks. These networks offer very good services, but they cost thousands of dollars per year. There are few global networks like GPEN that offer a voluntary, intercultural, spiritual connection between national schools across our world. To small Christian schools, GPEN affords a wonderful sense of solidarity. To large Christian schools, GPEN provides a conduit to facilitate student exchanges and share innovative ideas in urban settings. To average size schools, GPEN opens a window to what God is doing on other continents through the next generation. In summary, GPEN offers globalization without secularization, Protestant education without isolation, and interconnectedness without expensive fees. I encourage all Christian schools in the western USA and Canada to join GPEN!