Organisation of Protestant schools and churches

Associação Nacional das Escolas Luteranas

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The National Association of Lutheran Schools – ANEL, founded on October 26, 1985, with headquarters in Porto Alegre and is a legal entity governed by private law, constituted in the form of an association of non-economic purposes, which brings together educational, educational and cultural establishments of any level in the national territory.

ANEL, an associative entity for educational, cultural and social assistance, aims to represent the Lutheran schools and promote Christian education.

ANEL is always seeking to promote and adapt the coordination of Lutheran schools and the unity among people, encouraging institutions dedicated to Christian education, forming the Lutheran Network of Education.

ANEL ist open to all  Lutheran education, education and culture establishments linked to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil (IELB), or other sponsors committed to IELB’s philosophy of education.

The National Association of Lutheran Schools has 44 units of Early Childhood Education, Elementary and High School, and a College, located in 34 cities in 11 states, serving 20,000 students.

The growth of ANEL counts on the involvement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil, directors, maintainers and pastors who perform the function of Chaplains in schools. The partnership with suppliers of products and services for schools has also contributed to this.

In order to promote the ‘professionalization of management’, the ‘unity of action’ and the ‘strengthening of confessionality’, ANEL holds the annual Meeting of Management and Chaplaincy and, every two years, the National Meeting of Schools. Lutherans, focusing on management and pedagogical performance, respectively.