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A. B. von Stettensches Institut

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We are a Lutheran secondary school for girls. The school was founded in 1805 by Anna Barbara von Stetten who wanted to offer education for Lutheran girls. The school started with 27 girls and we now have around 1200 pupils of different denominations and faiths.
Our aim is to make every girl feel welcome and support her in her academic efforts for the best possible results as well as in her personal development to become a caring, responsible and self-confident adult.
We are very keen on international cooperation. We can offer two choirs, two orchestras and three drama groups and many more students who would love to do a project with other schools. Our website ‘’ shows more of our activities. Augsburg is a lovely town (around 280.000 inhabitants) with a long history and important ties to Luther’s reformation.

Existing cooperations

Our school has links with schools in England, France, Italy and Hungary.