September: Kingdom School

Here you can find the result from the Kingdom School. It is written in English.

By definition, character is the habitual and stable way of being, feeling, thinking, acting and reacting in a certain type of situation.

We feel faith and its impact on our behavior in life through:

  • joy,
  • hope for the future,
  • divine protection (Hebrews 11:27: it was by faith that Moses left Egypt, not being afraid of the wrath of the King; for he was firm, like him who is invisible.),
  • we are not afraid of life on earth,
  • we have the assurance of life (Hebrews 11:7: it is by faith that Noah, divinely warned of things that we did not yet see and seized, with respectful fear, built an ark to save his family; it is by it that he condemned the world and became heir to the righteousness which is obtained by faith.),
  • and the embrace of eternal life.

As impact; in general, faith positively changes our behavior.For example, through faith, one becomes honest, just, kind, impartial and generous.

We can say that there is the relationship between faith and behavior because faith influences behavior; is to say that faith changes the behavior of the individual. ·

As a Christian, the benefits of living the faith are manifold.For example: we will have joy, freedom in Christ, patience, unconditional love, …..

Having faith gives us:

  • answers to existential questions.
  • a clear meaning to life.
  • hope to get through trials.
  • an intimate relationship with God: Hebrews 11:6 tells us this: “But without faith it is impossible to please him; for he who draws near to God must believe that God exists and that he is the rewarded of those who seek him.
  • live the love without limit.
  • forgiveness for all our sins.
  • insurance of final justice.
  • a passport to eternal life.

As a Christian, faith influences our character:

  • by changing our bad behavior into good behavior,
  • by doing what the word of God recommends to us.

Let’s take this testimony between us who from a person who was really jealous and angry, he wouldn’t give up on anyone who hurt him. Afterwards, he received the salvation of Christ and through faith his character was changed. Currently, he has become a child of God and his society trusts him.