October: Evangelische Deutsche Schule Talitha Kumi

Here you can find the contribution of the Evangelische Deutsche Schule Talitha Kumi. It is written in English.

Reconciliation of Life an Faith 

our answers:

In our country Palestine the holy land our faith intervine in our life in many different aspects and ways as here in our reigion of bethlehem we have many christan institutions (Hospitals,schools,Scouts). We have also a diaconal service and many Christian youth programs.

We also celebrate our Christian holiday proudly in the street with Scouts palying music and instruments in the street and we also decorate the street with the symbols of the particular holiday. In this celebration we express the joy and love for our faith in our Life the Christian Family and living style and the local church is important. We take marriage as the building stone of the local church because when a Christian Man and Woman marry and have children, they build the next generation of Christians which is very important for our Christian precence here in the holy land. We help each other with prayers and encouragement. We love and help our neighbours and society despite our differences. For us the Sacraments (Baptism and holy communion) are very essential because they are a building stone of our faith and Christan life.

Faith flows into our lives in many ways too. It begins in the everyday life of the school. The teachers at our school strive to continue that tradition of evangelical educational thought in which the Gospel is understood as the spirit of love and freedom. The process of interpreting the Bible, searching and reading together, sharing, looking at, reflecting and finally shaping the life of the community is evangelical in the Reformation sense. We want to make this tradition fruitful for learning and for life in our school. We are convinced that an evangelical school has to make students aware of the world. Therefore, we try to recognize and understand the world and reality, to understand and compare competing lifestyles and values, and to ask which models of Christian living can determine one’s own life. We do not strive for a retreat into a Christian idyll, but for a willingness to take responsibility for others. In the elementary school, devotions are held every two weeks by pastors of the church district. The devotional group organizes devotions for the youngest members of our school at regular intervals. In the Gymnasium, devotions take place approximately every 4 weeks. The students of a class prepare the devotions on the occasion of special days of the church year or on certain topics of their own choice, for which they would like to sensitize the school community. In our free time, we all went to confirmation classes together and some of us are actively involved in the church. In addition, some of us still go to church regularly with our families. Christmas, for example, is celebrated very big with us. It is one of the biggest celebrations in our country.