GPENdialogue Emergency

  • What happened?

  • Please describe the problem or the incidence you would like to report. You don't have to name any persons, but in some cases it might be easier to act, if we know who might be involved.
  • How might we get in touch with you?

  • You can choose to stay anonymous, but in order to help you or document an incident it might be helpful, if you give us your username and a way to contact you.
  • This is helpful if we should contact our administrators of your institution.
  • Thsis can be an Email adress or a phone number or any other way you would like us to contact you, so that we can reach you if we have any futher question or to discuss how to proceed with you.
  • final notes

  • If you don't feel comfortable using an online form you can write an E-mail to or call us during or office hours directly.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.