Schule und Hochschule

Presbyterian Nursery School (PNS) Ntamulung Church Centre-Bamenda

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PNS Ntamulung Church Centre Bamenda is owned by the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon and is located in the North West Regional Capital of the Republic of Cameroon. The school offers early childhood education from a global perspective adapting to international standards to the Cameroonian standards. The Early Childhood Education program centre is strongly supported by the Pedagogic In-Service Training Program (ISTP) Cameroon and Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service – Germany.
This centre is new in Cameroon and is a centre of high educational quality. It is the brainchild of ISTP Cameroon.

Bestehende Kooperationen

PNS Ntamulung Church Centre cooperates with ISTP Cameroon and Bread for the World - Protestant Service - Germany. Exchange of best practices is enhanced through a volunteer and school partnership program.