Schule und Hochschule

ELCT Lutheran Junior Seminary

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ELCT Lutheran Junior Seminary was founded in 1969 at Kinampanda, Singida, moved to Vuga (Lushoto -Tanga) and in 1975 landed in Morogoro. It is a boarding co-education high school hosting about 600 students almost at a ratio of 1:1. The seminary above teaching the national curriculum has its emphasis on Christianity (Lutheranism). Most graduates go for universities and many become church workers serving as pastors, doctors, teachers, engineers etc. Alongside secondary education we have a Language department serving to teach Kiswahili for foreigners from the non Swahili speaking world. LJS has a Leadership department, offering leadership education for church workers, it has a Montessori nursery school and a college for nursery teachers, a chapel which carters for the spiritual matters, a project department (diary cattle, pigger, poultry and farm).